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    it's mothers' day...

    call yr moms

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    sho did

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    I took mine out to lunch in one of the finest restaurants in town. She enjoyed a bacon wrapped filet with garlic mashed potatos and grilled vegetables. I had the Kobe strip steak. Her gift was a gift certificate to the local garden center / nursery. Guess who will be digging holes in the ground next week.
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    Some of these people still live with they still have to call her on the phone or can they just call to her in the house and tell her Happy Mother's Day?

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    I took mine out to lunch today to her favorite restaurant, gave her a box of her favorite candy (Pangburn's Millionaires) and bought her a 5-DVD set of her favorite actress/actor (Katherine Hepburn/Spencer Tracey). She's a wonderful Mother (stepmom actually but I've never allowed the word "step" in front of the description of her relationship to me, there's no "step" about her) and I praise God for bringing her into my father's life when I was 9 y.o. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in February 2006, and she has done a beautiful job of meeting his needs and continuing to love him as she had for over 40 years prior.

    Now, my boy is in Greece on vacation. Island hopping and enjoying himself. Will be traveling to Italy, then Cairo, Egypt. No call to Mom but that's okay...It's so great to know that he is enjoying himself that my Mother's Day is complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    Some of these people still live with they still have to call her on the phone or can they just call to her in the house and tell her Happy Mother's Day?
    I guess flinging a raw steak into the back of the barn wasn't good enough for ya?

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    Unfortunately, I don't live close enough to my mom to take her out for brunch or dinner. Instead, my family sent her a gift, and I called her yesterday. I spent the day with my wife (the mother of my one of my children and my step-children) and my in-laws. They live on the shore of Lake Michigan, and it was a beautiful day to spend there.
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    I took grandma out to dinner. Can that count for me?
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