So, I'm buying books today at the college store, and decide to rifle thru the music racks quick just for laughs. Generally the racks are full of putrid wares--mainstream "gan$ta" rap, DMB and similar jam band dreck, Jimmy Buffet greatest hits albums, etc. A few scattered "Pitchfork crowd" albums in there, but by and large really awful CloudyChannel-sponsored shit.

Anyway, I'm scanning the racks and RIGHT IN FRONT is a copy of the Dillinger Escape Plan's new release Miss Machine. Filed next to Celine Dion, of all things! I just about shat myself--no good metal albums typically make it here, much less anything from Relapse. As I walked up to the counter, a cashier even commented on my good taste (!).

I haven't listened to the album yet, but the buzz suggests that Miss Machine stomps serious ass. DEP's earlier Calculating Infinity set the bar very high, so I'll have to listen to the two albums back-to-back and see how they compare. Look for a future post sometime soon.