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    I'd like to see a mushroom cloud tear open the clear blue skies...

    ...and put some life in your empty eyes.

    Dykehouse, Midrange, "Chain Smoking"

    Yeah, doesn't sound right, but I couldn't fit two whole verses in there, so here's the full verse:

    You like it quiet
    I need it loud
    I'd like to see a mushroom cloud

    Tear open the clear blue skies
    And put some life in your empty eyes

    And here's what the chorus sounds like:

    And now I'm Chain Smoking
    'cause my heart's broken
    yet it's true
    I still need you

    And it's hard drinking
    That keeps me from thinking
    That it's through
    Between me and you

    Brilliant songwriting -- on the order of Stephen Merritt or Momus. The music is like classic 80's shoegaze on synthesizers. What's not to love?

    Makes me smile. Is making my year end list.
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    No, I'm not going to risk being late to work. I'm not going to go for the credit card. I will not listen to samples of this record. I have to get ready for Christmas-buy stuff for others! I still have two family birthdays to contend with before Christmas even gets here. I've got CD's that I'll get for Christmas, it's too late for this one. Why do you people do this to me?

    Still, sounds cool.

    "Ahh, cartoons! America's only native art form. I don't count jazz 'cuz it sucks"- Bartholomew J. Simpson

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