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    I stand corrected!

    I so often rush to post when I get ahold of something good, sometimes before I get the full story or the correct story, and one (or more) of you kindly points it out for me.

    Anyway, I mentioned this new web radio station run by a 14 year old girt named Zoe, and several of you checked it out and agreed that it was very cool. It's commercial free, believe it or not, nothing but music, music, music, and they play tons of the music most of our regulars post about every day.

    So where did I go wrong? Well, it seems that Zoe doesn't run this thing. She does a show Sunday evenings, and that's the extent of it. In fact, I don't particularly care for the stuff she plays on her show. I was listening one Sunday evening and was disappointed with the content, and when I checked the website, I found the info I mentioned above. I can be such a dope.

    Anyway, this is still one cool station. In the last hour or so I heard toons from the following bands: Tortoise, The Twilight Singers, Wilco, Songs Ohia, the Rolling Stones, The Rolling Blackouts (ever hear of them?), The Starlight Mints, Stephen Malkmus, Ted Leo, and Television. Some list, huh? They don't just play indy either. I've heard a smattering of rap and some older rock, but most of it is fresh and they seem to balance it well. I don't know how they can do this commercial free, but if you have broadband you should really give this a shot. Here's the link:

    Have a nice weekend,
    The Swishster

    GO EAGLES!!!!
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    Well, you were right about one thing...

    GO EAGLES!!!!

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    Funny you should be coming back to this. While I haven't been one who'd piped in yet on the station, I too checked it out and have been listening to it pretty regularly. (It works great on that little Foxy Tunes add-in on Firefox browser). The tunes on the station have been excellent, but it was only this past Friday that I actually got a taste of Zoe's show.

    .....I didn't care for her show much either. Some of it was pretty cool, but I came away with the distinct impression that she was playing good stuff mixed in with some pretty bad, completely non-linear segues. Kinda like owning a big, eclectic Ipod, only with a better shuffle function than the real ones have. Oh, man! Is that where Ipods are gonna bring peoples listening styles in music?

    I don't know, maybe I'm all wrong and she's just too cool for me. Either way I'm still gonna stream the station.

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