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    Yeah, a lot of that sound started toward the end of the 70s and that's when many of the most highly influential bands peaked. That whole post-punk period from roughly 1977 to 1983 is one of my favorites because it was so fresh and exciting, and was a time when I got to see so many great bands in little clubs. We had a thread over at Head-Fi that went off in that direction based on that resurgence you and I were talking about. I threw out a list there and another poster Markl gave some recs with an eye toward best sounding versions that might be of interest. Lots of this stuff can be found for very cheap, but not necessarily the best sounding or most complete versions.

    But so as not to overwhelm you, at the top of my list is the 1996 (I think) EMI UK remaster of Entertainment! by Gang of Four done by guitarist Andy Gill. It's got three bonus tracks and sounds pretty nice. There is a new US remaster by Rhino with 8 bonus tracks, but I haven't heard it. In any form, great album. Maybe a little more sparse than you're used to, but a very driving beat and often biting lyrics and edgy guitar. One of the major forces behind a lot of what you hear today in that whole disco-punk resurgence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Jar-
    I did a couple 80's comps (Jar's Big 80's Vol 1, 2 and 3)......
    Is that an offer to share?

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    Wow! I knew that I could count on the collective knowledge here to overwhelm me. So...I still don't know where to start.

    I've requested comps from a couple of folks here that offered. So, that should get me started nicely and give me some ideas as to where I want to dive in.

    I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for a little mini-vacation at a friends cottage and when I get back on Tuesday, I'll take some time to analyze and research your suggestions a little more fully.

    Thanks for all the suggestions and have a great weekend everyone!

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    Good grief from the suggestions shown I now know why I was into Metal in the 80's, of course I was into Metal before and after the 80's too.

    OK, fine, I had MTV too and got some tunes stuck in my head but buying the albums is a waste of money. The 80's pop was mostly one hit wonders. I picked up most of mine on yard sale vinyl.

    Flock of Seagulls - So I ran
    Human League - Don't You Want Me
    Romantics - That's What I Like About You
    Lone Justice
    Crowded House
    Ice House
    What about Devo! Well, Devo isn't in my collection but they are 80's. To be honest most of that synth stuff from the 80's was an irratant to me much like Disco.

    Anyone heard of the band Deadsy? I bought their album and it reminds me some of the 80's because of the keyboards and vocal style but Deadsy makes a heavier sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAutumn
    Is that an offer to share?
    sure, I have to "fix" the first two. The levels are pretty uneven. Plus, I want to do that whole cross-fade thing. I didn't have that capability when I made them. I'll let you know when the "remasters" are ready.

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