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    Talking Hooked on Morphine

    Anyone else like this band? We just hired a new programmer at work and he turned me on to them(among a bunch of other stuff, he gave me 8Gb of MP3s)...They are awesome! I have 2 albums, "Yes" and "The Night". I think they are my new fav!

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    Don't become too addicted since they are no more...

    but you probably already knew that. My wife was a bigger fan than I was, although I thought Cure For Pain, their 1993 release, was a very good record. Since the tragic death of lead singer/songwriter/bass player Mark Sandman (massive heart attack on July 3, 1999), the band was finished. I never heard their final record that you mentioned, The Night, but we have the rest of them...Like Swimming, Good (their first record from 1992), Yes, and the aforementioned Cure For Pain. I thought Sandman had an excellent voice, wrote some good tunes, and the trio of sax, drums and bass was certainly a unique configuration.


    Where is the ritual
    And tell me where where is the taste
    Where is the sacrifice
    And tell me where where is the faith
    Someday there'll be a cure for pain
    That's the day I throw my drugs away
    When they find a cure for pain
    Where is the cave
    Where the wise woman went
    And tell me where
    Where's all that money that I spent
    I propose a toast to my self control
    You see it crawling helpless on the floor
    Someday there'll be a cure for pain
    That's the day I throw my drugs away
    When they find a cure for pain When they find a cure find a cure for pain
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    i miss them quite a bit. they were wonderful live and played here often (their hometown).

    you need to get 'cure for pain'.

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