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    Holy crooner Batman, ... Andy Williams

    Since I installed my Jico D6800EEE-S Shibata Stylus, I'm on a roll to play through all of my vinyl. I'm now getting down to the LPs that I'm not supposed to like.

    On today's list is Andy Williams ~ Love Theme From "The Godfather" (Speak Softly Love), Columbia CQ 31303, QUADRAPHONIC, 1972.

    All I can say is WOW! It sounds fantastic. His voice is strong and clear (he really is a great singer). The orchestra is clean and precise. Have I ever heard Andy Williams like this? Should I go out and buy all the Andy Williams LPs at the thrift/GW? Do I need to hang up my Rock-N-Roll hat?

    Please help me?

    Here's the hardware chain:
    1. Jico D6800EEE-S Shibata Stylus (new 2010 with about 113 hours on it)
    2. Stanton 681EEE cartridge (new circa 1978)
    3. Philips GA312 turntable with OEM phono cables (new circa 1978)
    4. Yamaha RX-797 receiver via phono input (new 2009)
    5. Klipsch RF-7, 2 channel (new circa 2004)
    Philips GA312/ Stanton 681EEE/ Jico D6800EEE-S Shibata ===>>|
    Yamaha DVD-S2700 CD/SACD/DVD >> MONSTER STANDARD THX i100 >>|
    Yamaha CDC-765 CD 5 disc >>==== MONSTER STANDARD THX i100 >>|
    JVC TD-W709 Cassette >>======== MONSTER STANDARD THX i100 >>|
    Yamaha RX-797 Receiver -------------------------------------+
    Sennheiser HD650 Head phones <<===========================<<|
    Klipsch RF-7 <<L############### MONSTER MSERIES MCX-2S ##L<<|
    Klipsch RF-7 <<R############### MONSTER MSERIES MCX-2S ##R<<|

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    Andy Williams' "Happy Heart" is a favorite of mine.

    My mom's regular Christmas music rotation when I was a kid included Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis and others.

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    I love to hear Andy sing "Moon River".
    Vinyl Rega Planar 2, Incognito rewire, Deepgroove subplatter, ceramic bearing, Michell Technoweight, Rega 24V motor, TTPSU, FunkFirm Achroplat platter, Michael Lim top and bottom braces, 2 Rega feet and one RDC cones. Grado Sonata, Moon 110 LP phono.
    Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD/cd SID mat, Marantz SA 8001
    Int. Amp Krell S-300i
    Monitor Audio RS6
    AQ SPKR and AQ XLR and IC

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    His version of Oh Holy Night (yeah, I know) is definitive. Having performed in an era when it would have been poor taste to do the vocal range acrobatics that was popularized by TV talent shows, a few of those old crooners like Williams and Tony Bennett still had impressive range and power. They just never exploited their vocal prowess because they respected the song too much to act like divas.
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