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Thread: hey bobsticks

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    hey bobsticks

    Received my CDs last night -- immediately listed to the Mahler #8 and the Handel.

    This morning as I write this at my desk at work, I'm checking out the Ax-Ma concertos.

    Thanks for the tips........they are all wonderful........especially the Mahler on the big rig !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterCylinder

    ........especially the Mahler on the big rig !!!
    Good morning MC,
    Foremost, I'm glad you enjoyed your selections. If I had one concern it was not the potential for division, but that someone would spend their hard-earned money and decide that I had cotton in my ears . Seriously, for me, it's all about the music so I feel pretty good if I helped someone find something new and enjoyable. So many of the characters around here have done that and much more for me.
    Interestingly, I gave the Mahler a spin on my secondary system last night. This is such a "big" piece I think it needs the "big" treatment. So my experience echoes yours...

    Cheers and good listening
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