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    Gordon Lightfoot at 74

    I finally knocked another one off my bucket list last night. The legendary Gordon Lightfoot at the historical Massey Hall. Gord has played this venue over 150 times since 1967. Amazing!

    Last night was also his 74th birthday. Two songs into the show, someone yelled out Happy Birthday Gord and 1700 people at the sold out show sang Happy Birthday together. You could see that he was very touched and it was one of those magical moments when artist and audience connect in spirit. I've experienced a few of those moments in my life and they are the best concert memories to have.

    At 74 (as of yesterday ), Gord is no longer in his prime. His voice is still very good, but he appears to lack the lung and diaphragm capacity to get full his full vocal range or volume. The low notes were as deep and clear as ever, but the higher notes were strained and very quiet. Still, that didn't matter. Just seeing him on stage, in that venue, was enough to make me a little verklempt. He received several standing ovations throughout the evening so I guess nobody else minded either.

    It was a great show. He's a great entertainer and the music certainly speaks for itself. He'll be playing at the Grey Cup (CFL) game next weekend and told the audience that they had put together a shortened version of The Canadian Railroad Trilogy for the show. Everyone went wild. "But unfortunately" he went on "you folks will have to settle for the original version tonight". The crowd went wilder! That was the evening's highlight for me. I LOVE that song and to see him perform it live was an "I can die now" moment for me.

    The band also played Circle of Steel, another favourite of mine. And I was very surprised when Gord said that was only the 2nd time he had every played that song in public. The first time being only two nights ago. That song was released in 1974. So it took him almost 40 years to work that into a show. If I ever have the opportunity, I'd like to ask him why.

    So, while not a top 10 concert performance for me. Definately a top 10 concert experience. I'll be pulling out my ol' guitar and playing some Gordon Lightfoot this week for sure. He inspires me.

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    Gordon is one of my favs as well. Gord's Gold is one of the "traveling CD's that my wife and I always put in the car when we go on long trips.

    Got to see him in concert about 20 years ago at Wolf Trap Farm Park. Hard to beat lawn seats on gorgeous Summer afternoon/evening with Gordon Lightfoot playing as the soundtrack.

    IIRC he did a version of the "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" at one of the Winter Olympic games a few years back.

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