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    Talking Focking DREGS!!!

    I'm sure we've caused several nightclubs to go out of business by yelling "FOCKING DREGS!!!!" at the top of our lungs after exiting said clubs into the neighborhood, well after midnight.

    That's because at the height of their powers, nothing beat seeing the Dixie Dregs live. Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Allen Sloan (violin), T Lavitz (keys) and Rod fricking Morgenstein on drums.

    W/ Dave LaRue on bass & Mark O'Connor on violin.

    That is all.

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    I saw these guys maybe 10 times or so, back in the day. Just incredible talents, all of them. Steve Morse is the single finest musician I have ever seen perform. And that is a bold statement, all things considered.

    Hmmmm...seems like a fine day to spin some Dregs of the Earth.
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    Have you hung up your autographed Rod Morgenstein poster from when he was in Winger?
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    Dregs of the Earth got lots of play from many of my...

    ...friends way back then....I think that was late 70's, maybe 1980....good stuff, but I just don't have the appetite for it any longer.
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