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    Favorite Hendrix Songs....

    So what is everyones favorite Hendrix song? Not necessarily his 'best' in your opinion, but one that you never get tired of hearing?

    For me it would have to be MACHINE GUN, which to me has some of the most amazing sounds coming from the guitar and truly shows Hendrix's ability to not only capture the essence of a song (his guitar turns into a machine gun via sound effects) and it's pure brilliance. Not only that, but the song captures the mood of Vietnam and the politics of the time from what most people remember. I didn't live through that era, but i've read enough, seen enough, and heard enough about it to get a general idea. You didn't have to go to Woodstock to get a good idea of what it was about if you've read enough, seen enough, and heard enough about it. That's just my opinion though.

    My runner-up favorites would probably be IZABELLA, BURNING OF THE MIDNIGHT LAMP, and LITTLE WING.

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    there's so many, really depends on my mood, but here goes:
    1. highway chile
    2. third stone from the sun
    3. all along the watchtower
    4. crosstown traffic
    5. the wind cries mary
    6. love or confusion

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    Good picks...I would have to say that ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER would also be a close runner up for me as well. The best part of that song is the 3 different sounds that Hendrix pulls off during the guitar solo section with the slide guitar sound. Incredible!

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    I always though Dolly Dagger was completely under-rated.

    Of course his trademark songs, Purple Haze and Foxy Lady. Fire doesn't suck.

    He had some trademark covers, too, with All Along the Watchtower and Hey Joe.

    I also like his big hits Crosstown Traffic and Manic Depression.

    Red House was always the definitive blues rock song.

    And I don't even know where Stone Free and Machine Gun fit in (are they hits? deep cuts? can an artist like Hendrix even have deep cuts?), but I love them.

    I love a lot of the tracks on First Rays of the New Rising Sun: Izabella, Room Full of Mirrors, and the aforementioned Dolly Dagger.
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    I agree with you Dusty on DOLLY DAGGER...I also like EZY RIDER on that album and HEY BABY (NEW RISING SUN). Lots of great tunes....too many to choose from....imagine how hard this would be if he was still alive and had recorded dozens of albums?

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