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    Who would be modern day Industrial leaning more toward heavy?

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    My impression of the band in the first video, sticks (Nitzer Ebb?), is that they were heavily influenced by the Ramones. I watched a documentary on TV about the first days of the American Punk scene some time back that included a raw performace by a very young Joey, Johnny & Dee Dee (Not their real names, and...God rest their souls) Ramone. Sadly they remained unappreciated until the 80's. Nevertheless, my loyalty is and always will be with Patti Smith.

    The second band is not one I'm familiar with, but that *style* is not unfamiliar to these tired eyes.

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    Second band is Front 242. I think I have the 12" versions for both those songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    Second band is Front 242. I think I have the 12" versions for both those songs.
    All the architectural structures in that vid is Bauhaus design.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

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