I picked up an older guitar-oriented compilation the other day, and a tune by Electromagnet (Dry Ice) was on it. Kind of a weird sumb!tch, but I likey!

Does anyone have this laying about?


Electromagnets are best known as the launching ground for Eric Johnson, one of the great guitarists of the '80s and '90s. Johnson was known for his clear tones and amazing technical skill -- two things that are apparent on the Electromagnets' first and only album. The group followed the path of such trailblazing fusion groups as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, creating an amalgam of rock, jazz, blues and the avant-garde. Unlike many of their peers, the Electromagnets were loose, letting themselves bend the beat and have fun. As a result, their album is more enjoyable than most '70s fusion records -- even when they venture into prog clichés, or when vocalist Chris Geppert becomes overbearing, their musicianship pulls them through. And of those musicians, Johnson stands out with his crystal clear guitar and tasteful solos. His presence makes Electromagnets the curiosity it is, but also makes it more than an odd historical item.

Song snips are here: http://www.allmusic.com/album/electromagnets-r61493