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    Drums/Percussion CDs

    As shameful as it is (to me) I never do a very good job of keeping up on recordings for quite a few varieties of music. I'm clawing my way back to a sensible knowledge of jazz recordings I like.

    I do, however, enjoy percussion quite a bit and sometimes just want to listen to some nice recordings of said myriad of instruments.

    So this may be a little vague, but any suggestions? It can be a straight up percussion disc, or an album that just features some awesome percussion.

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    Blue Man Group, Audio first, The Complex second
    Mickey Hart, Planet Drum
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    Planet Drum is kinda cool( I think it's HDCD)

    How about John Cage - Works for Percussion. Just a typical Cage stuff, nothing specially for me anymore.

    How about Max Weinberg's greatest solos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Chalk
    Blue Man Group, Audio first, The Complex second
    good call on both of those, I have the DVD-As and I agree Audio first, then The Complex.

    I think I will have to find me a Planet Drum, I had forgotten about it but I've heard about it many times before.

    Keep the suggestions coming in, I searched but didn't come up with much although it's probably there somewhere.
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    If you don't mind changing genre's, Metallica's Garage Inc, has some amazing stuff from Lars. It's something I play once in a while to "wake up" my amp/speakers.
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