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    Are the Decemberists kaput?

    Maybe. Maybe not. They just released Long Live the King, a b-sides EP, but leader Colin Meloy told Rolling Stone that 'he's putting the band on ice for a few years to pursue other ideas".

    That sucks giant hippo balls if you ask me.
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    They have a live album coming out next week.

    There is so much inbreeding between bands and side projects these days that I don't see putting a band "on ice" for a few years that big a deal. It's better than saying "we're done". Most bands only put out a CD every two or three years anyhow. So what's the biggie?

    Maybe the other ideas that he's pursuing will be even better. What if Colin Meloy teamed up with Jeff Tweedy? OMG! Is your brain exploding even just thinking about it?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAutumn View Post
    What if Colin Meloy teamed up with Jeff Tweedy?
    What if John Denver teams up with Davey Jones? brain hurts....
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryL View Post
    What if John Denver teams up with Davey Jones?
    They'd release an album of reworked U2 covers called The Sony Bonon Tree...
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