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    CRSv9 "Whodunnit" update (slackers beware)

    CRSv9, Whodunnit, is finished, except for a couple of slackers. Now I won't name names, but if I was a volunteer RR contributor whose moniker rhymed with 'bar or 'hug, I'd feel downright embarrassed for not following through with your committments. But that's ok. If I don't receive something by the weekend, consider this project complete.

    I'll post a tracklist by the weekend (keeping the contributors anonymous for a few days), and see who wants a copy.

    This project has been a blast. I highly recommend volunteering to compile one sometime if you've ever thought about it. Although, I think it would be appropriate for Rick (PPG/Sgt. Pepper/Klaatu76) to compile CRSv10 (if there will be a 10), since it was his idea in the begining.


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    See, that's why I don't volunteer -- I could probably out-slack these slackers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Chalk
    See, that's why I don't volunteer -- I could probably out-slack these slackers.
    See, I'd say mail the suckers. There will always be a CRSV 10 at some point down the road for the others who have too much going on. In the meantime the suspense is killing me.

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    My apologies...

    For being such a slacker JD. But with me getting sacked from my job a few weeks ago i lost access to my CD Burner. I always used the work computer after hours and on weekends to do my burning.

    On a more positive note, i did have an interview yesterday for a job that went well. Hopefully i'll hear some good news about it next week. Also looks like i'll have another interview coming up soon for another position. I think i've put out about 50 resumes in the past 4 weeks and only have gotten a couple nibbles. I AM enjoying time with the new bambino though! Being a dad is cool.


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