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    Concert ticket frustration

    1) Rush - tried for three days using the presale system.


    Tried Ticketmaster for 5 days.

    NADA (except lawn seats no thanks)

    2) Roger Waters - Tried off and on for a month. Nosebleed for $100.

    No thanks.

    Oh well. Saved my dough and my ears, I guess.

    Would really like to see RW again though. Rush is old and tired anymore. But I still love 'em.


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    Concert ticket selling is one of the most corrupt businesses in the world.

    Buy the DVDs.

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    Go see a local act for $5-10 at the door. No hassle, low cost, and you just might be surprised. For example, in my area, will make you forget about ever paying $100 for a show again. Thor's as good or better than anything I've ever seen in an arena.
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    Oh! I tried,,,,,

    Roger Waters in Monterrey Mex, but family is all grown up now so I thought why should I spend almost $600 if I can wait for the DVD.

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    I feel your pain

    I scored tix for Roger's Dark Side concert last summer on Craigslist, for face value. A most excellent experience, Roger is a pro and knows how to entertain.
    Checked a coupla times a day for postings, since they went fast when posted. Of course there's the usual 'agents' with their inflated prices, but regular folks have last minute things come up and unload their tix for face value. Since they'll be local folks, you can pick em up in person to avoid a rip. Good luck, I saw some Rog tix but not any Rush ones.

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