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    Wow, you're into some rough stuff.
    And the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew.

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    Oops...had to go re-read what I posted to figure out what you were talking about.

    I'll leave the typo though. Wouldn't want to change it and have the joke not make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody View Post
    That one may actually get me to burn and actual CD. I've pretty well drifted off CDs and just gone all analog at home and MP3s for the road...but that looks like something that may just merit a download and burn to dick and some volume.
    Careful, man.
    Mr. MidFi
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    Tentoze's 2009 Year End Compilation

    Well, my place of employment silently blocked uploads to file sites so Iíve been slow to work around this, letting this thread stall part way through my archives. My apologies.

    Today, Iíll spotlight a nice compost from Tentoze. (original thread). I always enjoy when someone takes on a genre that doesnít fall in line with the usual here. It doesn't happen often enough. Some of the stand out tracks for me were Davey Brown, Halfway to Jackson, and Whip-poor-will. Itís a good listen. Over the years, I know that Iíve been following the Americana-style posts with growing interest. Itís good to touch base with twang.

    01 Felice Brothers - Run Chicken Run
    02 The Duke and The King - If You Ever Get Famous
    03 Ben Nichols - Davey Brown
    04 Subdudes - Redemption Dance
    05 Guy Clark - The Guitar
    06 Justin Townes Earle - Halfway To Jackson
    07 Ha Ha Tonka - walking on the Devil's backbon
    08 The Gourds - Luddite
    09 John Doe And The Sadies - The Sudbury Nickel
    10 Loudon Wainwright - Awful Hungry Hash House
    11 Joe Henry - Truce
    12 Levon Helm - You Can't Lose What You Ain't
    13 Magnolia Electric Co. - Whip-poor-will
    14 Willie Nile - Love Is A Train
    15 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I Don't Belong To Anyone
    16 Toni Childs - Howling At the Moon
    17 Deadstring Brothers - The River Song
    18 Bottle Rockets - Solitaire
    19 Lucero - The Devil And Maggie Chascaril
    20 A. A. Bondy - I Can See the Pines are Dancin

    These were upped as mp3 so itís a relatively small download (~190MB)

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    Thanks, good tracks, especially Solitaire by Bottle Rockets

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    Noddin's 2011 Year-ender

    I was feeling kind of jaded about my listening this year, thinking there wasnít much I really liked and that putting together a year-ender was going to be too much effort. Wallowing in audio self-pity, I suppose. Then, after Xmas, with the turning of the year fast approaching, I got a grip on myself, sucked it up and started picking through the tracks, shuffling them around, giving them some listens. And, BAM! I found myself enjoying it and thinking maybe the year was pretty good after all. Didnít listen to any new Jazz this year although I donít think that had anything to do with it. However, Iím sure some of you might be more interested in a jazz-free comp. Who knows?

    For what itís worth, I do this every year for myself. AR got me in the habit but, once acquired, my goal has been to make year-end albums that I would want to listen to as albums. Not shuffles, not bags of singles. Iím pleased with this one. I culled it down from some 30 tracks and cartainly left some good ones on the digital floor. Starts out with some dazzlers, then slides into mellow, gets apprehensive, maybe creepy before straightening out with a bit of the romantic and introspectiveÖor something like that.

    Reading the end of year posts has been kind of fun. Man, thereís lot I havenít listened to this year. Hopefully you can enjoy something you havenít listened to yet. I know Iím about to preach to the lazy and lethargic here but, really, it wonít kill you to put up a comp of your own 2011 wrap up. Iíll listen to it!

    With that, hereís my 2011 Year-ender. Its up on Megaupload where you can hit it in your choice of

    Apple Lossless (~475MB)
    FLAC (~468MB)
    MP3 (256kbps VBR) (~110MB)
    ...and some jewelcase art if you need it

    Noddinís 2011 Year-ender

    01 Battles - Ice Cream (feat.Matias Aguayo)
    02 Tune-Yards - Bizness
    03 Lamb - Existential Itch
    04 Bombay Bicycle Club - How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
    05 Iron & Wine - Me and Lazarus
    06 The Decemberists - Dear Avery
    07 Tinariwen - Imidiwan Win Sahara
    08 James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream
    09 The Antlers - Parentheses
    10 Radiohead - Little by Little
    11 Kurt Vile - On Tour
    12 The War on Drugs - I Was There
    13 Widowspeak - Limbs
    14 Tom Waits - Kiss Me
    15 Howe Gelb & a Band of Gypisies - Blood Orange
    16 Feist - Comfort Me
    17 Lamb - Rounds
    18 Wilco - One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)

    Total play time is just under 79 minutes, but to be fair 12 of those are that last Wilco song (12 extra minutes well spent, btw)

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    ^^ (self-)pity bump.

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