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    Charley vs Charlie: then and now

    Picked up a copy of Charlie Musselwhite's "Stand Back" from 1967. For whatever reason, the album has his name as "Charley". Raw and awesome South Side Chicago blues at its finest.

    Next up was "Get Up" - a collaboration with Ben Harper, a musical chameleon who flows between roots music and blues / rock / alternative sound depending on the album.

    Musselwhite shines on both these albums, but I love the range of his performance with Harper. Not so much teaching and old dog new tricks, but Harper is like a dose of 5 hour energy drink for old Charley.

    Get Get Up.
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    I heard some great stuff by Charlie on XM's BB King's Bluesville. I have been looking for a consistent album to buy from him. I sure didn't know he went back to the 60's, I'll have to find out more about him.

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