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    Quote Originally Posted by bobsticks
    Hopefully Davey will be along to expand on the Steve Albini/Jason Molina connection. He's clearly more knowledgeable than I...for my part I'm just here to verify the path yer on...
    Wow, that list is getting around now. Just put a line from the Electrelane description in google, and between Demetrio and myself, it's at a few sites now, some that I've never even visited. Yikes

    Think it might've started here a couple years ago, but who knows now, this one in the archive has some additional ones ... Popular music with great sound production?

    My two Molina favorites are the final two he did under the Songs:Ohia name, Didn't It Rain in 2002 and Magnolia Electric Co. in 2003. Both with a band backing, the first more somber, the second more full sounding. Didn't it Rain is really a fantastic set of songs.

    I know that serpents will cross universes to circle around our necks
    I know that hounds will cross a universe to circle around our feet
    They're always close
    Always so close
    Step by step, one's beside me, to kill me or to guide me
    Why wouldn't I be trying to figure which one out

    But there really is a bunch of nice stuff in the Sojourner box. You should hear the Sun Sessions disc. Just a short EP worth of music, but wow, great sound on that one. As the name suggests, recorded down at Sun Studios with James Lott. Very warm and analog sounding. The Black Ram disc is the real standout for me though, since it's the one with all the new stuff. Not one of the Albini discs, but sounds great too. Molina knows what sounds good, and even wrote that lament to Steve Albini on the Didn't It Rain. And the next one, that final Songs:Ohia disc, was recorded live in the studio by Albini, and does sound amazing.

    But the Nashville Moon disc is recorded by Albini and mastered at Abbey Road by Nick Webb, and sounds great. For people like most of us around here, ones that can never stop the musical adventure, craving that almost naive sense of discovery that still drives us to seek out and listen to the music new artists are making, in a way it is really disheartening to hear new music recorded so well, so lovingly, because it reinforces the feeling that we have lost so much in recent times. So many recordings today have the life squashed from them, so that you are left with not much more than the plastic they are pressed from. But at least there is still a lot of very good music that is recorded and mastered well out there to find.
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    Hey, guys, thanks a lot for the nice suggestions, I keep taking note of them all.

    A few more good sounding recordings IMO:

    => THE SWIMMING POOL Q's – Royal Academy of Reality

    => ECHOLYN – As the World

    => WHITE WILLOW – Ex Tenebris

    => AFTER CRYING – De Profundis

    => TOWNSCREAM – Nagyvárosi Ikonok


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