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    Attention Genesis Fans..........What's Next

    I've been listening to a lot of Genesis lately. This is my collection

    1. Nursery Cryme
    2. Foxtrot
    3. Selling England By The Pound
    4. Trick of the Tail
    5. Wind and Wuthering

    Any suggestions on what I should add next?

    I realize that I've only scratched the surface, but there are so many choices.

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    and the lamb, lies down, on broooooaaaadway.......

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    Yeah, Lamb, pretty much.

    And then, believe it or not, ...And Then There Were Three...
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    The Lamb, definitely.

    I'd recommend Trespass from 1970 over And Then There Were Three. It's mellow but, in some ways, it's more mature than Nursery Cryme, I think. Even a little better produced and mixed.

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    I will agree that you are missing "And Then There Were Three". The rest of your list is about the same as mine.

    When your ready to branch out and you would like to hear Collins play some drums instead of singing, check out some older BrandX like LiveStock or Unorthodox Behavior.

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    Trespass for sure. It is an imperative part of your collection, it is excellent. Way ahead of it's time...

    Also and Then There were Three.


    Live (the 1973 release)

    and yes The Lamb is essential.

    Ultimately you might want to add Seconds Out, but get the import version.

    If you add these, it's all you need. The modern stuff is fluff a rama.


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    If you like those you need everything from Tresspass through Duke. If you still like all of them, buy them consecutively from there until they annoy you.

    Yes, the Collins Brand X stuff is great. Collins sings on "Product" and that disc sounds the most like Genesis.

    You probably have all the Gabriel solo albums too, right? Probably, so check out Rutherford's mid 70s solo album "Smallcreeps Day." Of all the Genesis solo albums, that one sounds the most like Trick and Wuthering era Genesis. Hackett's late 70s solo stuff is generally a pretty good bet for 70s Genesis fans too.

    But yeah, the best thing you're missing is The Lamb. Seconds Out is a must too.

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    Thanks guys. I picked up Lamb thanks to your recommendations. I am playing it now for the second time (with headphones this time). I'm not familar with any of the tracks, other than the title track. I find myself smiling alot, that is a sure sign that I'm enjoying it. Trespass looks like an online order and And Then There Were Three is a store purchase. Thanks again.

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    You might want to wait until the remastered and remixed Genesis albums start arriving in stores this spring.

    They are dual layered CD/SACD hybrids that include newly remixed versions of the two-channel tracks (one CD-compatible layer, and one high res SACD layer) and new 5.1 versions playable on a SACD player. The Genesis Platinum Collection that came out last year includes several of the newly remixed tracks and the sound quality definitely improves upon the original CD transfers (at least for Duke and Abacab, which tended to sound very tinny with not a lot of weight in the midrange and bass).

    Previous thread on this topic...

    Genesis releasing 14 SACD Albums in 2007!!!
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