This album isn't meant to be self-released or anything; it was just made for my uncle's self-amusement but of course doesn't mind if other people want to take a listen. It's a true solo effort. He:
>Wrote all of the songs
>Plays every instrument
>Sings all of the vocal tracks
>Recorded, mixed, and mastered it himself in his home studio

Musically it's mostly reggae-tinged rock with a couple of rockers thrown in, plus a pretty nice mostly acoustic instrumental at the end. Sounds very 1985 to me. Okay, so it's kinda hard to be impartial this being my uncle and all, but my single biggest gripe is the straight-forward, predictable lyrics, but then I suppose if I want quirky, inventive lyrics I can write my own damn songs (or listen to a Neutral Milk Hotel or Andrew Bird album). At the very least it's competent musically (he says reaching for tact and failing miserably) and isn't meant to set the world afire.

Production-wise it's actually pretty decent for home studio gear that real middle-class people can afford. Certainly no worse than most modern commercially released CDs. Some of the songs fade out but still end a bit too abruptly but I'm getting kinda anal here so don't put too much stock into these ramblings.

For those who care: ripped in FLAC compression level 8. Even so it still took four folders to get it all uploaded to mediafire (305MB total).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4