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    Anyone remember the Uncle Floyd Show on PBS?

    Anyone remember the Uncle Floyd Show on PBS?

    Floyd Vivino and his brothers have been performing for many years together and individually. Floyd had a veriety show on PBS that was a hoot. Along with him playing some awesome piano, and doing comical skits, he also had Mugsy who did parodies of Rock Stars and songs. Mugsy dis Bruce String Bean, Willie Half Nelso, Neil Yuck, and more.

    Anyways, Floyd still performs some 300 days a year but most are private bookings. I have always wanted to see Floyd play and looked for years. Just recently while looking over the concert calendar on WXPNs site, I saw a show listing for Uncle Floyd playing at a Record Shop in New Jersey. After some investigation and a few phone calls, I purchased tickets, 2 out of a whopping 55 seats, to see Uncle Floyd play an intimate show at The Record Collector in Bordentown NJ.

    They also have plenty of other shows including Stan Ridgeway and other popular artists.

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    As I remember he got away with some pretty racey stuff on PBS. I distinctly remember catching his show on the NYC UHF channel. (was it 67?) Man we're going back though! Gotta be early 80's at least.
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    I remember see Bon Jovi on that show when they were first starting out. They would do Howard Stern in the morning then Floyd later that day. I try not to hold this against Floyd or Stern, however.
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    Floyd on PBS? I never saw that. It was always a UHF station as I remember, he started on WBTB in 1974. David Johansen was the first guest who was known on any level at all, and the Ramones were on his show a few dozen times. WNBC in NYC gave him the time slot locally following SNL around 1981-ish for a year or two. I'm a big fan.

    I've always wanted to see his live act; I'm jealous. His was one of the first sites I looked up when I got online, and I have the VHS collections that came out around that time somewhere around here.

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