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    Anybody know anything about a Prince 12 inch compilation?

    I came across a four CD set of 12" singles from Prince while messing around with one of those downloading programs. Things fantastic! Covers most all periods of his career with great extended versions of all his biggest hits and more. It's got an 8 minute version of Little red Corvette, a 10 minute plus Erotic City and stuff like that.

    Problem is, I really do look at downloading as a way to sample and I don't see this thing for sale anywhere and don't remember it coming out anywhere. Anyone have any ideas what this thing is and where it could possibly be picked up?

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    Sounds intriguing

    To answer your, I haven't heard this particular comp. I've heard Prince himself refer to 12 inchers in the past but wasn't sure if he was referring to remixes or just bragging.

    I must admit, I do like the guy (in a mostly platonic way of course). As enamoured as he is with his own voice, extended versions could be a turn off for me however, if these are mostly musical sojourns, then I'm all for it.

    Could you be more specific with the tracks?

    I'm glad to see some enthusiasm for Prince on this, my favorite website.

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    Here's a track list...

    Sexy Dancer
    Let's Work
    Little Red Corvette
    Let's Go Crazy
    Erotic City
    God (Love Theme)
    I Would Die 4 U
    Another Lonely Christmas
    She's Always in my Hair
    Raspberry Beret
    Pop Life UK
    Pop Life US
    Paisley Park
    4 the Tears in your Eyes
    Alexa De paris
    Love or Money
    Another Loverholenyohead
    La, La, La, He, He, He
    U Got the Look
    Hot Thing
    Alphabet City
    Glam Slam
    I Wish U Heaven
    Scarlett Pussy
    Feel U Up
    Gett Off
    Pink Cashmere

    And, keep in mind extended versions, so the list looks short for 4 CDs, but it fills it up. Hell, the version of America alone is over 20 minutes. The extended parts are mostly additional instrumentation. Some additional vocal segments too, but nothing out of proportion at all. I'm just trying to figure out where this thing comes from. Seems weird to me because it's really a great collection that I'd think would be a big seller as far as multi disc sets go, if readily available. Still missing some key tracks that I'm sure exist in 12" versions, but maybe there's another disc or two out there I just didn't come across. Strange.

    And, yeah Prince kicks major ass, one of my all-time favorite artists.

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    Hey! Over here!
    I'm a huge fan of Around The World In A Day and so I'm glad to see 'some' of that album represented here, though I'd love it if this included the title track to the afore mentioned ATWIAD, as well as Temptation. I woulda liked to see some more from Sign O' the Times as well.

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    You mean, something like this (Soft Cell collection), except with Prince instead of Soft Cell? Looked around at the usual sites, could not find it. Will ask my import buying friend if I see him on Saturday.
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