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    Any Phil Spector fans out there?

    If so, go grab the Back to Mono box. I always wanted it, but when it came out it was pricey. Now, seems like they're closing them out all over the place. Amazon's got it for 12.99.

    Mine just got here today and it's a fantastic set. Just in time for the included Christmas album too.

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    We had record players
    And were AM bound...*
    He really caught our ears
    With his wall of sound.*

    He did so fine...
    That place and time...
    Made the music shine...*

    Knew what he was doin'
    With Ronnie and the rest...*
    To find any better,
    You would be hard pressed.*

    (Repeat chorus and fade)

    jimHJJ(...*da, do, run, run, run...da-do-run-run...)
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    If you repeat a lie often enough, some will believe it to be the truth...

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