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Thread: any new jazz

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    any new jazz

    Hi all!
    I was just curious to know if any really good jazz cds have come out lately. Something to relax to at night. I'm stressed out I prefer just instrumentals and love the sax- it's a bonus if they are on SACD or DVD-a. Thanks!

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    Well, not really soothing, more uptempo stuff and a bit meloncholy, but the latest Dirty Dozen Brass Band, titled Funeral for a friend is really good. Parts are more laid back. It's a full New Orleans funeral cycle in tribute to their fallen bandmember. Great disc.

    I do listen to som older laid back jazz that may be good if you don't have 'em already. I'll toss out a couple of my favorites that I've been lsitening to lately... there's Ben Webster's Soulville and Kenney Burell's Midnight Blue. Both are very laid back relaxing jazz with touches of blues and soul. Webster plays the sax and Burrell is a guitarist. Both records have other top musicians on them as well.

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    Sounds like you need some "smooth" jazz, which is something I'm not very familiar with. At any rate, since you like the saxophone then you may want to check out Eric Marienthal. I've not heard anything from his latest release "Sweet Talk" but I have heard a few tunes from the album previous to that which was titled "Turn Up The Heat". The music has more of smooth or contemporary feel to it which can be very relaxing. There's lots of jazz artists out there doing this "smooth" style but like I said before, I'm not familiar with them.

    Now, if you're looking for something more freestyle or post-bop then grab some David Holland Quintet. Anything from 1995's Dream Of The Elders to 2003's Extended Play: Live At Birdland are awesome in my book. Do an AMG music search if you want more info but I can't recommend this band enough. The best modern day jazz band out there.
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    I don't know if this fits your description but there is a trumpet player from Poland named Tomasz Stanko whose quartet is getting a lot of good press. I believe his latest album is Suspended Night. Has anyone here heard this guy?

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