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    2013 anticipation thread

    What upcoming albums are you excited about? I don't see much this winter I'm interested in yet. I am looking forward to the new Alice In Chains album (the last one was surprisingly good, IMO), but that's still several months away.

    I grabbed my first 2013 release today and am on the first spin currently (so far, so good):
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    Bowie, Bowie, and Bowie.

    Other than that, I have no idea what's coming out this year.

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    Bowie's first record in 10 years is to be released on March 12th, so I'm certainly interested in that one.

    Also the second release from The Joy Formidable on January 21st. Saw them last year and was impressed.

    The third one from Ra Ra Riot will be out on January 22nd, and I really like them live too.
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    Junip is coming out with a new release in the Spring. If it's half as good as Fields then it will be twice as good as everything else : )
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