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    Eastern Electric MiniMax Tube Preamplifier

    This $1195 Giant Killer deserves every bit as much attention as the less expensive solid-state Morrison ELAD has received in recent years. I'd be willing to send your editors my own own MiniMax, for you to personally evaluate its performance. In Higher-End Review Magazines such as 'Soundstage' it was not simply compared to 'budget' audiophile preamps, but to the finest on the market today. And, as I expected (but certainly not many others until they've listened!), it emerged as REAL competition for models from the more recognized 'big boys'! You would be hard-pressed to find ANY preamp capable of the Clarity, Dynamics, and amazingly HUGE soundstage. You may think, by my glowing remarks, that I am a dealer, or in some way associated with Eastern Electric, or its distrbutor Morningstar Imports. I am not. I am merely an avid audio enthusiast (or would 'addict' be a better word), 56 years old, who has see it all come and go, and who is always lookng for the best product at a reasonable price---and this is one of my 3 or 4 finest discoveries in my life. Please, let others have the opportunity to chat about this 'sleeper' This is a 3-Tube, Line Stage Preamp with 3 source Inputs and 2 sets of outputs. Construction & materials are top-notch and quite eye-catching. Your readers will thank you for the chance! Thank You for your time and consideration. Dennis

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    I know that you're already aware that the three Eastern Electric products have been added, I'm just responding so that when I'm scanning the request list, I won't think that yours was skipped. Nice reviews, BTW.

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