Audio Art Cables has been selling their audio cables for a bit over a year. I recently purchased a pair of interconnects from them and am impressed and believe would make a nice addition to the cables for review here.

Audio Art Cables


IC-1........copper I.C. starting @ $64.95 for 0.5 meter pair
IC-3........Silver/copper hybrid starting @ $84.95

Speaker Cables:

SC-5...........Single-run stranded silver and copper
starting @ $115 per 6' pair

SC-5 Bi-wire.......silver coated OFC cable starting @ $225 per 6' pair.

A power cord is also shown on their site but is listed as "coming soon."

I have already read some very favorable reviews on these products and would enjoy writing my own here and give others the same opportunity.

Sorry, I couldn't manage a link to a picture.