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    What about COMFORTABLE headphones?

    I've long been skeptical of over-the-ear headphones because the part over the top of the head is uncomfortable. What are the most comfortable headphones, among those that sound good?

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    From my experience, AKG 701's are very comfortable, more so than Senn 650's, Grado RS-2's, and Stax 303's. Plus the 701's sound pretty damn good for the price.

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    I'll second the plug for the 701s. They certainly feel better than any Grado I've ever tried (even with different pads) and also my Ultrasones. The only caveat is that they are so big that I can't lay on my favorite pillow with them, casing them to slid onto my forehead. They are still a bit tight, if you have a big head, but barring that they are probably the most comfortable cans you can buy. Even the smaller on-ear AKGs have a good reputation for comfort.

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    The Audio Technica ATH AD700's are very comfortable....They look cumbersome as hell, but they are light as a feather and nearly dissolve once they're on.

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