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    Hi, everyone...Greetings of the day. Actually, I am looking for some really good bass headphones, and secondly need information about which types is the best..Over-ear/ on-ear /In-ear...?

    Budget limit up to $300.


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    If you just want a lot of bass get a pair of Beats. If you want something that sounds like music there are many manufacturers such as Grado, Sennheiser, AKG, Koss and others that you should consider.
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    What style to get I'd say depends on how you plan to use them. If listening at home in your favorite chair plugged into your system go with over the ear. If commuting obviously something with some sound isolation or cancellation. Using with portable devices like tablets or phones Bluetooth is nice.

    Today there are great sounding earphones in any style you want.

    I like and use Sennheiser the HD series in over the ear, the bass is to my taste, it's deep and tight with detail.

    Grado to me has a bit more coloration with a more blooming bass sound, fuller. Also supposed to be easy to drive if wanting to use for both hame and about.

    Shure is well regarded for in the ear type.

    There are a lot of good brands though and the market seems to have grown by leaps in the past couple of years with almost every speaker company offering their own KEF, B&W, Focal etc.

    One other quick note, in the News & Rumors forum there is a thread about "Top 10" best headphones where a set of Sony Pro were #1 for not much money compared to some I mentioned above.
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