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    Portable audio system connecting to car battery?


    I have a 100 watt speaker which i wish to connect to a car battery for a portable audio system.

    What is the best way to do this?
    Will the voltage of the battery need to be reduced?
    How long do you think the battery will last?

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    We really need more info, are you talking about a powered speaker with built in amp? A car battery is DC and if wanted to power an AC device you would need some type of converter. Considering the expense of a car battery and who knows how much the DC to AC converter might be, you may want to think about another way to set up. Where are you wanting to use this speaker? What other equipment will be hooked to it?

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    Vrlo jednostavno, jer postoji rješenje ovog problema, savjetujem vam da pokušate ovo mjesto: , jer ovdje sam uspio podići svog prijatelja, siguran sam da ćete uspjeti

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