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    Looking for help with miniature USB Dacs.

    Hi everyone,

    Please bare with me I'm fairly new to buying hardware to improve my music so some of my questions maybe a little dull

    I'm looking to buy a new USB Dac because I have a beautiful television and stereo system but my laptop's speakers are absolutely terrible at best. I'm sick and tired of trying to listen to anything on it and I just recently found out what a USB Dac was and well.... I want one. lol

    I only have a budget of about $300, but a friend of mine just bought a firestone audio fubar III and absolutely loves it (for reference, this is the website and specs:

    Sticking with the firestone theme I since did some research and apparently they are very good value for the cost based on the 2 or 3 reviews I read (if someone can confirm this for me please I would appreciate it). I was wondering what the difference is though between a "24 bit DAC" such as the spitfire (again for reference, here is the specs: I don't really understand what this one does that the fubar does not or vice versa?

    I am also open to ANY USB Dac you would recommend to me at my price range. This just stemmed from a friend of mine enjoying his but please by all means suggest anything that I can check out. I don't want to spend my budget on something that I could have ended up with a superior product.

    Thanks everyone for your replies!

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    Scott Nixon's USBChibi DAC is a good alternative as are the Headroom Micro DACs

    also consider browsing this thread. The Fubar was discussed there.

    good luck!

    EDIT: Is there a reason why you want a Miniature DAC? Small size is only going to drive cost up. Pacific Valve and Electric offers several USB DACs under $300 and at least one under $200. I've been tempted by the DIYEDEN Great March USB DAC $220 as well as the Fubar.
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    I think the fubar is around 300$. i'm trying to get a hold one

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