I wanted to get a set of decent Bluetooth headphones to make streaming from my phone tolerable. Browsing Amazon they only offered about 57k items, when I stumble across a set of JBL Synchros e40bt "certified" refurb for $49.95, about half retail, so being a JBL fan decided to give them a try. Man, the sound was incredible, deep powerful bass, the highs & mids where as clean and clear as any headphone I've heard. The sound was really similar in character to the Pro speakers.
Now, before running out to grab up a set, here's the rest of the story, I didn't read any reviews, which is not normally like me, after charging the e40bt I could no longer get them to pair. So when I went to JBL's website I notice the reviews reflect a reliability issue with this model. So I sadly send them back. However, being smitten by the sound, I find a set of JBL s400 which are obsolete on JBL's website but still available at Amazon, AND, great reviews. I got them today and the build quality is really good, they have a carry case. Out of the box not quite as impressive as the e40bt but I think these will have to break in. Out of the box the bass is a bit heavy and the sound more compressed compared to the e40bt. I will report pack after a while. The Synchros s400 is really cool, the controls are touch on the outside of the cup, you just run your finger across. I do have to be careful though, this caused me some false mutes. I bought my sister a set of the e40bt at the same time as myself, hers so far are doing good, and I hope it continues that way. Both pair look and feel rugged, the pads were soft, they do seem heavier than some other on-the-ear phones, the s400 seems fairly comfortable but not up to Sennheiser HD600 comfort. The e40bt was tight and I kept having to move the cup around. All that aside, if they worked I would have put up with it for the enjoyment of the sound I heard. I'll be back after some break in.