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    How to use iTunes with non-iPod?

    I have an older Sandisk Sansa and I'm very pleased with it. I never bought songs/albums online and needed to download them to my Sansa- I usually just rip CDs and then move them to my player.

    I recently got a bunch of code for free songs with iTunes (from Avis since I rent cars a lot because of business travel). I bought a few songs with these codes and now they are in my iTunes library. Is there a way I can move these to my Sansa? I heard I would need to burn them to a CD and then rip them to WMP and go from there. I tried that and the files come up as unrecognized. I got one to work, but then the song and artist doesn't appear so it wouldn't be indentified correctly on my display. Would I need to go in and manually update every song I load. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I try to do that, I can only label a whole CD through WMP- I'm thinking the computer is thinking I placed a CD from one artist in the drive and it's trying to name all the songs on this CD.

    Wondering if there is an easier way to use iTunes to move music to a non-iPod player.


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    Hi Eric,

    Is your destination format MP3? If the files you have are not DRM'd you could ask iTunes to convert them to MP3 by chosing the encoding in the Preferences. If they are DRM'd (most of the iTunes store titles are) then you need to burn them to an audio CD and then re-rip them to MP3 with your software of choice. **When you make an audio CD, the meta-tags (artist, title, etc) are stripped from the files as this data is not supported on the audio CD format. You would have to annotate those yourself.**

    If the files are not DRM'd, I think another alternative is to use iTunes to convert the files to WAV on your hard drive. Don't bother with the CD. Then use software of choice to convert. iTunes will not allow any conversion of its DRM'd music.

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