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    What is a Planar speaker?

    There are two types of planar speakers.

    use a membrane plane put under high DC voltage and the music signal (AC) is transferred through two stator plates around it, creating a fluctuating field which pushes and pulls the membrane. (written by Ravian)

    Magnetostatics work the other way around: the music signal is transferred through the membrane (usually etched conductor on the membrane) which is suspended between a strong constant magnetic field. The musical signal will alter (AC) thus pushing and pulling itself away from the magnets.
    (written by Ravian)

    Ribbon Speakers use a thin strip of aluminium which is suspended at the top and bottom along side of permanet magnets. The current passed through the ribbon and pushes itself away from the magnets. See my gallery for close ups of the only fullrange ribbon speakers ever made.

    Articles about the technology:

    Lightning Sounds
    Technical information from the MUG
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