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Thread: MMG Purchase?

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    AR Newbie Registered Member
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    Mar 2007

    Do you still make planar speakers? Do you have plans that you can share or is this just a hobby?
    I’m very interested in making planar speakers. Any info would truly be appreciated.


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    Hi Houston,

    Welcome to AR.
    The post you are replying to is over a year old from someone who only made 2 posts in total. My guess is that you won't see a reply here. You could try to email him. He may get that request.
    Good luck with the planner building. Sounds like a great project. If you start a new thread here you may get a few replies.

    WARNING! - The Surgeon General has determined that, time spent listening to music is not deducted from one's lifespan.

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    wow, last april

    was when you got the maggies. i will bet youre happy as a pig. as you now probably know, the sub doesnt lag so far as to be distracting. i saw you were looking mostly on ebay but agon is another great place to watch for used stuff.

    i have MMGs in a fairly large room with a hsu sub and am quite happy. enjoy!

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    Smile Full Range Planars

    Houston if you go to this site you will see all my work up to now.
    all the best Henry.

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