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    Did anyone even notice that Zelaya is back in Tegucigalpa? If you're asking: "who is wha'?", then it's time you stopped watching Fox news. If this isn't acknowledged by Obama & co., in one way or another, this is going to be one heck of a situation.

    Basically it calls into question our whole Latin-America-is-our-backyard foreign policy of the last 50 years. The Obama administration has been playing hot potato with the coup and hoping that its close ties to Dole & Chiquita won't be front-page news. Funny thing is, the rest of the world (pretty much everyone but the "Coalition of the Willing" gang) is already making it so, and only here in the US, is there almost a complete media black out on the subject. If this situation turns ugly (not that it hasn't already started to), this could be one hell of a powder-keg pitting the US (& Canada) against all of Latin America. With our economy teetering on the wrong edge of recovery and our military solidly busy encircling Iran, that could become a very unfortunate geopolitical situation for us.

    If Brazil picks the other side (which it looks like they are doing), it's going to be even worse.

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    Hold up in the Brazlian Embassy I believe. Do we have a democratically elected president ousted by the Military who are owned by foreign moneye'd interests? I guess there's nothing new in this world. At least they haven't shot the guy.

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    At least he had the good sense to seek shelter in an embassy instead of a church.

    On another note, there's a lot of geopolitical concern about Brazil asserting a new role as Latin American hegemon. Of immediate concern to the US is that Honduras is North of the Panama Canal.

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    This sure isn't good for Obama

    Looks like there's some defection in our own government. This may force Obama to choose sides (which I'm going to guess was the impetus):

    Republican Lawmakers Travel to Meet Coup Government in Honduras

    Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina and three Republican congressmen are heading to Honduras to meet with the coup government in defiance of the Obama administration. Senator John Kerry, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, initially blocked the trip from happening but relented late yesterday. Also traveling will be Republican Congressmen Aaron Schock of Illinois, Peter Roskam of Illinois and Doug Lamborn of Colorado. All four have been vocal supporters of the June coup that ousted the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.

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    Well then buy organic free-trade ones. They're larger and taste better too.

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