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    Post Who wants to learn...

    I was thinking about creating a topic and see if you would like to learn a little Icelandic tounge, since I'm from Iceland and I live there I can teach you a few words and sentence, I speak Icelandic but I have to write english here for you to understand me.
    I'm just gonna' check how many want to learn and I'll teach you something, you can also come with words from english or sentence and I can translate them to Icelandic and teach you
    Now who wants to learn a new language?
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    Welcome to

    This link is kinda interesting. If you are curious what your name would be in Russian, try it out.
    Click Here


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    Uh oh...

    Looks like another newb who just signed up on a half-million BBs yesterday.

    (See what genre music... in Rave Recordings)

    Wazup widis crap?

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    What does learning a foreign language have to do with AV gear and music? I could understand learning Italian or German if you're an opera aficionado. What good is Icelandic?
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    Well...this is in "Off Topic/Non Audio"...

    Personally, I would prefer to learn "Outlandish".
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    you guys are crackheads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeE SP9
    . What good is Icelandic?
    Maybe someone wants to be a roadie for Bjork?...
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    i think icelandic will have it's point...

    When you live in Iceland
    Life is music!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhymeammo
    Welcome to

    This link is kinda interesting. If you are curious what your name would be in Russian, try it out.
    Click Here

    Um, that was...REALLY...stoopid. I can't even read the name for the guy dancing around like a Kansas City ***got.

    Icelandic is really a great language, close to Old Norse, and you can read 1,000 year-old eddas without translation. Try that with Beowulf...oh yeah, and cut the newbie a break.


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