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    Hey! Over here!

    White House Party Crashers

    I'm sure all of you have seen this story on the news or have read about it, but just incase, here's a few links (you need only google State Dinner Crashers):

    At our thanksgiving dinner (later during dessert actually) this topic came up and many around the table were wondering how these two were not only able to gain entry to a posh-posh state dinner including foriegn dignitaries, but also were seemingly welcomed with open arms. These two have many pics with several honored guests, many of which were taken with the rather acttractive tall blond cougar who was the female half of the party crashing duo. They were treated like celebrities. It was as if the White House staff, it's security, and the guests all assumed that this elegant looking, sparkling, handsome, white, husband and wife team must belong here, or they wouldn't be here...right? I mean, they certainly looked the part...right? Our society sure loves us some "pretty" don't we?

    My only response, which drew chuckles yet seemed to shut down the subject was, "I know how they did it...they weren't wearing turbans and sandles". Of course one of the honored guests was indeed wearing a turban, but you get the gist - this couple had a firm grasp on what would 'work' and what would not. Apparently, they were deemed an acceptable, non-threatening, appropriate power couple by how scarcely little attention security gave these intruders.

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    LOL. I didn't hear this story up in the GWN. I guess that's what happens when you invite 300 of your closest friends to dinner. That's why we never invite more than eight at a time. Our metal detector starts to overheat after that.

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    I suspect there are few people over in the Secret Service who will be re-assigned to tracking counterfeit bills in the Artic over this little security lapse.

    As for how they were treated once they passed through security that is pretty common at events like this. In our starving young newlyweds phase through connections my wife and I managed to be part of a few semi-exclusive events (no where near this level..) and we were treated just like the rest of the royalty there just because people just assume you must be somebody if you are at the event.

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    I think their sorry butts should be thrown in jail myself. But I am just mean and ornery (Thanks Worf!)
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    They belong in a cell with the Balloon Boy family. They claim she's trying to get a spot on "Real Housewives of D.C.". I personally think they're gonna get more'n they bargained for. They, for obvious reasons, are seeking pay for their story. Meanwhile the Secret Service has a case of Red Ass on for them both and are actively seeking them for "questioning". When they are apprehended they will learn that it's not smart to beard the lion in its den or make fools of professional security operatives. As to how they pulled it off so easily, lol, well they looked the part and talked the talked. This also was the first "State Dinner" held by the Obamas. I by god guarentee you that a fly won't be able to get into the next dinner without a printed invite AND three forms of ID. Matter of fact I suspect some people will be turned away. The Secret Service looks bad REAL bad in this one and there's no spinning their way out of it. President Obama is both the most admired and most hated politician in America, perhaps even the world. You can't be asleep at the wheel on his watch he could easily have been shot, magnetometer or not.


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