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    What documents I need to get business insurance?

    What documents I need to get business insurance? I know that I need to make sure your business insurance is in YOUR NAME or you are an additional insured. Because there can be a lot of problems in future. Did you have some such problems?

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    Hello man. In general I can say that you should always be careful with all documents! It is very important. Talking about general liability insurance, it is really necessary to have because the financial consequences of a potential mishap could easily wipe out the assets of your small business!

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    I even don`t know;(

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    Business model, I think

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    Business is selling things to buyers. If a business has buyers, then it needs a model to profit.
    Amazon, for example, has 300,000 shops and asks each shop owner every day to bid for internal advertising. That is a business model.
    The business model is how the business makes a profit, not just how to make money.
    Also keep in mind that a strong business model is NOT just about a single element well expressed: e.g. the value proposition expressed by better / altered features.
    It is much more about the alignment and interconnection of all elements together here:
    Ask yourself: How does the value proposition align best with a certain customer segment? How can I use the key resources most efficiently to drive the value up and costs down? etc. So: what influences what and how?
    Create scenarios of several business models with altered elements to find the best fit among them
    Only then, you'll be able the CAPTURE the value that you are creating !!

    Best of success !!

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