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    What is a coursework?

    First, you should be aware that a course work is a more complex type of academic work than an abstract or an ordinary control. Otherwise, the teacher will point out to you that you have written an abstract, and not a term paper.

    So, how does the course paper differ from the abstract?

    If the abstract is based primarily on theoretical sources, uses their data, allows a large percentage of citations and compilation of texts from various textbooks and articles, then the course pays a lot of attention to the author's position, and also often involves a practical study of the topic.

    Simply put, the course paper differs not only in volume (otherwise it would just be a large abstract). In the course, you must express your opinion on a given topic and conduct a practical study of the issue.

    Since the main part of most course papers consists of two chapters theoretical and practical this stage of work on the course is overcome in two approaches. First, you understand the theoretical side of the issue, compares different points of view, do not forget to draw your own conclusions. Do not forget about the links to the sources used immediately mark what you took from where.

    Then conduct a practical study on the topic and design it in accordance with the requirements of the subject being studied. Each chapter of the course is divided into sub-chapters or paragraphs and usually contains from two to five sub-chapters.

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