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Thread: Welcome JoeB

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    Welcome JoeB

    How are you and Tia and the boys doing, good to see you back. I read where they are trying out Sunday shopping in N.S. Have you bought any concert dvd's. Bye for now.

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    Smile Hey Thanks Over 50! :-)

    Life's been good latley.Tia and th boys are great and we just paid off the house last Friday. On the concert DVD scene, I'm having a ball with Rush's new Live in Rio DVD. I also picked up Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the Night concert. Haven't got around to that one yet. Gee, it's great to hang with the old gang again! I'll have to get Tia to register again :-)

    Joe B

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    Howdy Joe B. Ya been missed around here. Glad to hear things are going well for you and the family. All's great down here in the sunny south.

    Now if we could resurrect a few other old regulars.

    Stick around (maybe even come down to RaveRecs and talk a little music. With your collection & experience, I know you could add some knowledge there).

    JDaniel (wishin my house was paid off)

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