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Thread: Wasting a Vote?

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    Wasting a Vote?

    I have been wondering about this for a while. Do most people vote for the person they feel is the best person for the job or do they vote for who they think will win? For example only, in Iowa, what if you really supported Dean but knew he really did not have a chance on beating Bush in November. Would you then vote for someone else that you felt had a better chance of beating Bush or would you simply vote for who you believed in?

    And, is not voting "strategically" for the person you think has the best chance of winning but voting for who you believe in, wasting a vote? Some say yes. Some say no. In past elections, did the people who voted for Nader waste a vote? Should they have voted Democrat as the (in their mind) lesser of two evils?

    I feel you should vote for who you believe in, period. I think this probably comes up a lot more in state races for Senate or Congress and even Mayor.

    Anyway, just thinking out loud. Vote strategically, or vote for who you believe in?

    Any thoughts?


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    I guess it depends on how much you dislike/disagree with the candidate (in this case, Bush) who will likely win the election if people don't agree on a common opponent. I also believe you should vote for who you think is the best candidate, but sometimes it's tough when you feel the worst candidate will probably win if you don't go with the person who has the best chance of beating him.

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    I believe...

    A person should vote for whom they believe would do the best job of running the country. The problem, too many people vote along party lines. Once again proving the majority of people in this country are sheep!!!
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