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    Smile Something funny

    I saw a guy was selling on craigslist Sony tower floor speakers on a very good price and very close to me! He had at the add that I can text or call him! I texted him and I asked how the foam is on the speakers because I know that most of the sony speakers after couple of years the foam gets bad. He texted me back that the speakers sound good! I texted him again asking about how the foam is and the guy texted me that the speakers have never been around water and there is no foam around them! I started laughing and that was so funny! I texted him back that I am asking for the speaker foam and he said he knows what foam and not to bother him with bs questions!

    Seems that not everyone knows what speaker foam is!!!

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    What seems basic to us is not even suspected by the muggles.

    You'll learn that most people in this world don't give a hoot about audio and know even less.

    What's basic audio knowledge to you (and us) may never have been suspected by him.

    You may find that he knows a hackuva lot about his area of expertise and expecting you to converse on his level about it would be unrealistic.

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    Maybe the "surrounds" on his speakers were made of rubber and since he didn't see any "foam"..............
    Back in my day, we had nine planets.

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    I have done alright obtaining a few speakers where people did not understand that speakers with "foam rot" can easily be repaired. I vote to keep the masses ignorant on the nature of foam and speakers......

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