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Thread: The Return

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    The Return

    Returning from a long bout with some personnel issues. Also have changed gear to a mix'n match of some new, Some old stuff. Anyway, Glad to be back around.
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    Hey likeitloud, welcome back and watch out for that guy from Texas. He is a trouble maker

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    Whattup Big Daddy,

    Welcome back and I'm glad to hear things are on the up-and-up. Lookin' forward to 'bout some ol' fashione drock 'n' roll.

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    I don't belive we have met. Nice to make your acquaintence.

    Probably not much has changed since you were last here.

    The two most exciting additions have been a serious renewed interest in each participants "Reputation" points. With the exception of GM everyone has been working hard to post thoughtful, insightful, and A/V topical posts to boost their rep.

    GM tends to bribe folks with either booze, or loose women for his score.

    And for a short time we had a nutjob named Melvin on the boards.
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