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    Is it ok to confine your cat to one room overnight?

    Iíve only done this if the cat is new to the household, for about 3 nights, then introduced her to the rest of the house, and other cat.
    The other time, is when I had a feral cat recovering from surgery. I kept him confined till the stitches were removed.
    Otherwise, it would be pretty boring for the cat. I would not like to be confined to one room.

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    Hello! I`ve lately read an interesting article about confining a cat to a room at night. It is okay if they have food, water, a litter box and a comfy place to lay. The room should be big enough that the litter box can be 8 feet or more from the food and water. I normally only do this when introducing a new cat or if one is not well and the vet recommends it. We have 3 cat trees throughout the home and all of our furniture available to them. They have the run of the house at night.

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