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    My New Year starts today

    The first 7 days of the new year were just a nasty hangover from 09. Starting today I will be optomistic again. I think the family tragedies are over for awhile.

    On Monday 12/28 my favorite aunt was in a bad car accident. She was rushing home to be with my favorite uncle who was in declining health. She ended up in an ICU with a brain bleed, fractured heel and much blunt force trauma to her body. During this time my uncle's health was in greater decline I am sure due to worry for his wife of 52 years. On 12/31 we had talked him into going to another hospital where his doctors were after a visit with his wife. By 5 PM we had him in the ER. His son and I were with him until he was moved into a hospital room and settled about 1 AM. We drove back home to get some rest.

    We were on our way back to the hospital 1/01 when the call came that they were coding him. As we drove many calls were exchanged and other family members were transporting his wife from her hospital on the West side of Columbus to his on the East side of Columbus. In her condition we were concerned for her but we knew there was no place on earth she would be but at his side. He was on life support briefly until his wife and daughter arrived. At 6:25 PM 1/01/10 we saw his body die.

    My uncle was one of the nicest, kindest good men you would ever want to meet. Through his two quadruple bypasses, colon cancer and his later struggles with Parkinson's he never complained. He had a great sense of humor and loved to make others happy. We were joking around so much in the ER that staff kept dropping by the room for a chuckle. I described us as a family of frustrated comics. The three of us had a good time considering the brevity of the situation. The humor continued in his room but the most wonderful moment was when finding out there were no Priests on call I suggested the three of us pray together. My uncle started by giving thanks for his life and all his family. He said some very kind things about me that I will cherish. His son said a parayer and then it was my turn. My uncle seemed to be more at peace. The next day as he lay dying his Parrish Priest was there and we said many prayers which brought much comfort to his wife as well as I think my uncle.

    Now as a family we are scheduling our free time to assist my aunt with her care. She is home which I think is comforting for her. Watching her heart break in the hospital was very tough to witness. In her recovery she will be dealing with physical injuries and emotional pains. I hope she does not give up. She is a very loving, happy and bubbly person. She brightens a room with her smile and has a hug for all.

    My aunt and uncle were the poster people for the perfect marriage. 52 years and they were like newlyweds. They had the kind of relationship that I always hoped I could find. They were just good people. Several years ago they called and invited me over for dinner. My aunt then added that if I had anyone special in my life they would like to meet him. This meant so much because no other family members were ever willing to meet any one I was dating. I thank them for that kindness.

    Yes it has been a tough time but I am ready to face 2010. Tonight I will toast the New Year and one of my resolutions will be to emulate my uncle.

    Thanks for letting me share.
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    John, what a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Based on what you have just told us about your uncle and the man that I met in Chicago, you are already emulating your uncle. I can see that kindness and a loving heart runs in your family.

    Happy New Year!

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    OMG JM,

    I am so sorry to read this. It must have been tough to go through all of that. Especially during the holidays. I am glad to see that you were able to laugh through some of it. You're uncle sounds like he was a great guy and I am sorry for your loss. If it helps at all, I think that you already emulate him.

    May the rest of your year go much better. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your friend,

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    Wow, that's a tough way for such a long and loving marriage to end. Its good he had family around him and he felt at peace. I hope the rest of the year improves for you.
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