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    My "Bah Humbug" Moment....

    I usually eat breakfast on weekends at "Carols Place" a locally run eatery near me. We've been going there for about 10 years now. Today puddin' and I walked in and I noticed a life sized "Frosty" seated near the tree. I thought "my that's one big stuffed Frosty the Snowman". A split second later Frosty....

    Stood Up and turned towards me.

    Now between learning "fright or flight" early on in the Housing Projects of NY City... and having those instincts honed by a tour and a half in the Army instinct took over. In a flash I had my left hand around Frosty's shoulder and my right an inch from his face. I stopped myself right before I clocked him. Needless to say the whole place gasped, then laughed. I retired to my table with a case of the shakes and a shamefaced grin. BMB (Black Man Blushing) all though breakfast. I apologized as I was leaving. Puddin' just shook her head and mumbled something about not being able to take the "jungle out of beast.



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    Some things are hard to unlearn. We were having a cookout and some of the men were Viet Nam Vets and somebody as a prank threw a pack of firecrackers into the fire. When the popping started some were seeking cover. The mood changed quickly and many left soon after.

    Peace to you.
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