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    Just out of curiosity....

    When i had about 30 posts or so, i changed the title below my name to say "AR Elite Member", which obviolsy i am not, nor ever was I was just wondering if anybody has ever looked at that and said to themselves "he's lying"...?

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    Doubt it...I almost never look at those little blurbs, occasionally one will catch my eye but that's it. I don't think most people look at the # of posts, but rather the content of their contributions.

    Some of my favorite posters on post so infrequently that they're totals aren't very high at all. Ed Frias, Dr. Richard Greene, etc.

    Then you get a goofball like me who lived in a hotel for 4 months with his internet connection, and spends 12 days a month at airports or on planes, and has nothing better to do than rack up a post count.

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